Let’s write together!


Welcome to my website. I write and I teach. I am currently editing my young adult science fiction novel titled Ham Radio┬áHero. If you’re a student, you can gain extra credit!

  • Read one or more of my chapters. Click on the right navigation bar and comment in the the box below. I value your feedback.

What is Cooperative writing?

  • You’ll also write essays and non-fiction pieces together with your classmates.

If you’re a student of mine, you will gain extra credit for posting a comment! When commenting, please follow these directions:

  • DO NOT post your SEP ID on this site
  • Only leave your first name and last initial, or I can’t allow others to see your comment
  • Proofread your comment for spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Comment constructively (What do you like and how should this improve)
  • Comment about at least one literary element (setting, dialogue, characterization, theme, major dramatic question, tension)
  • Comment about at least one writing technique (pace, word choice, sentence length, errors, paragraphing, flow, comprehensible)
  • Do not just say, “good job,” or “hope to read more.” Comment on literary elements and writing techniques.

Tami Absi


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